Germain Yachts Announces Strategic Partnership with Advanced Diesel

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NAPLES, FLA — In a move to enhance customer experience and broaden its service offerings, Germain Yachts Center is delighted to announce its partnership with Advanced Diesel, a highly esteemed player in the marine industry.

The partnership is particularly noteworthy due to a unique family tie: Zach Germain, the driving force behind Germain Yachts Center, and Daryl Maahs, the co-owner of Advanced Diesel, are first cousins.

“I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with Daryl and his dedicated team,” Zach expressed. “Advanced Diesel has carved out a sterling reputation in Southwest Florida. They align perfectly with our ethos and commitment to excellence, making them the ideal collaborator in our shipyard.”

Advanced Diesel will not only provide engine services in the yard but will also stock and sell a comprehensive array of marine parts. The product lineup includes parts for Volvo, Mercury, and Yamaha, as well as inboard, IPS, and outboard parts. They will also offer transmission parts, oils, coolants, and more, providing a one-stop solution for all marine-related needs.

This partnership is a testament to Germain Yachts Center’s continued commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With the backing of Advanced Diesel’s services and products, they are poised to strengthen their position in the industry while delivering superior service to their clientele.


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